Ascending to my world

No rules or formulas to be explained

Our love will be embraced

Through parallels and dark matter

Galaxies and quasars clutter


Just like our love luminous and powerful

Stars million light years crystal

I have the whole worlds view

But I want to embrace only you

Just like the moon and the sun

Cross the line to heaven,

Ascend to my world


There is often more than meets the eye

It’s a never ending cycle

Evolving into the unknown

Wishing you are here, have I known

Eyes high eye wide they see

Eyes closed eyes open for sky and the sea

Skipping through universe

Just to embrace you


Infinity I go, to get what I need

Infinity I go, through space and time plead

You shell not be loved in secret

Time moves as we are in orbit

But time is a delusion in my world,

It’s a new chapter

Rings of saturn on my finger

One day you will ascend to my world

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