The Promise

His eyes I hope that one day will only wonder for me

His jaw. Oh, his jaw…

I have the strange urge to touch it and run my finger down the length of it

I pretend he isn’t invading my entire mind, thoughts and my being

Dear god, his gaze…

His gaze felt as if it was piercing right through me,

As if he could easily see though my deepest, darkest desires


But I couldn’t let him,

I’m trying to protect my heart

Built a wall to shield it

And the fact how badly I was trying to resist him

Only pushed him a thousand mile past his limit

He wanted me


Real bad


He’s going to fall in love with me

I know it,

I’m falling for him too

Who knew

If he were to kiss me,

I’d have to let that kiss demolish that wall

The wall I built over the years to protect me

If he were to touch me,

It makes me wonder what that touch would feel like on my bare skin


I looked at his eyes and knew,

His eyes telling me that I’m his

The way he’s gazing shows I’m his bliss

“I promise to protect it“ he says as he refers to my heart

His eyes full of desire, in a way

As if he was about to devour all of me

“Don’t promise me,

just love me forever

promises never last“

As I whisper in his ear

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