The Loop

Two souls are meant to cross paths

Every time I see him I knew I wanted him, but is that what I needed?

His warmth, his scent, I didn’t understand why but I felt safe in his presence

‘what’s for me will always be mine, that’s why I’m relaxed ‘ he whispered and smirked as his gaze touched mine


‘I miss you terribly’ he says

He sounded so genuine but defeated that I swore my heart ached a little

I held in a whimper as he stared deep into my eyes

Feelings are dangerous, thoughts and imagination will be the end of us


We both knew that, but yet we craved each other more

I gasped a little as his cold finger started tracing my lips

His touch almost sent shivers down my spine

As I fell hopelessly in love, his lips brushed against the nape of my neck

But it was the very jolt of sensation that brought me back to my senses


Perhaps all he wanted was stillness, but I couldn’t offer

All he wanted was love, that I couldn’t give

Neither his dark hooded eyes nor his muscular arms, helped calm my heart

I was sinking deeper into darkness and dread

I could swear to you that the time wasn’t right to meet


I do wonder sometimes but not enough to make me risk it

What if we were always meant to meet

He fell into the abyss of love and darkness with me

He liked playing with fire. It makes him feel alive

‘what if it will be the end of you one day’ I spoke and broke the tension

While his eyes remained locked on mine

‘maybe that’ll be my satisfaction’ he said as his gaze moved away from my eyes into my lips

6 thoughts on “The Loop

  1. Arria says:

    So beautiful ❤️ This may be my favorite ☺️ But hey our pen is so similar I used the words “abyss of love” two times in a two different poem I didn’t yet share and I literally have a poem that’s called “Playing With Fire” (that’s personal). I wrote them only recently. What a coincidence 😂😂 Our style is kinda similar also 😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Arria says:

        Thank you 🥰❤️ I know this may seem too much, but your poems inspired me to write a poem ✨ I was only just writing. Thank you for inspiration 😊 I guess our vibes match lol

        Liked by 1 person

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