High Cloud

Smoke and glasses

Nails and back scratches

Your eyes are diamond bright

Loving you felt so right

Yet so wrong but I’m living with it

It’s a matter of time but really it isn’t

Lusting over you

Needing you I just knew

Your lips are asking me

I’ll let you go but set me free

Inhaling my feelings

But your love goes with it

Never knew I’d get high over you

I see you within me

When the smoke rises

My lips touches

Wind flowing into the deep darkness

The thought of you gives me goosebumps

When the world stops

I see you visiting my mind

But my mind doesn’t belong to me

Stranded into the darkness within me

Drowning my mind knowing your kind

I want to hold on as long as I can feel

Everything falls apart after you go

I can’t tell if I see it in your eyes

Where did the time go after goodbyes

Every thought after time

It’s a good feeling when you were mine


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