I don’t care like I use to but I wish that’s true

I kinda hoped that you’ll forget me but I never forgot you

Love killed us yet made us alive

I was looking for you hoping I’ll find you
but all I could see is you everywhere

Your eyes your smile was like another galaxy that can take me anywhere

I got addicted to you it’s not fair

There was no one only me and my imagination

I was a book full of pictures but you refused to read my complication

You think you know me but all my pages were empty

I didn’t keep it for safety

My soul was too deep to explore

You kept swimming in the shallow shore

I’m not suppose to love u but I do anyway

Losing more and more my heart to you

I got high from desiring you

Nothing heals the past like time

But its been way too long

Love is so short forgetting is damn long

All I was never enough for you

All I did was lose myself to you

It’s a blessing and a curse if you ask me

But when it finally hit me

You will always be a part of me


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