Third Eye

You helped me open my third eye

I understood more and more as time passed by

Once my hand touched the pen

I drew my future but I could never follow then

I saw it but is that what I wanted?

Will I be happy seeing what passed it?

Oh third eye, I always thought I wanted you

I’m not ready to face the truth and that’s true

My life may be a mess but I’ll find a way to solve it right?

I mean, It can’t be that difficult I build it

I can change it right?

It’s all up to me though

I made that mistake but why would I repeat it

Do I really want to face it again and regret it?

How can it get this complicated all I did was live

I guess living was a big mistake

Why am I paying the price now how long will it take

How long will it to restart and have a fresh start

For god sake

I’m tired of  waiting and I don’t have all the years anymore

I think I don’t have time to think more

I’m losing my mind that’s for sure

Time won’t wait It keeps taking our lives away

Every second of the day

So I should get up and stop talking to you third eye

It was nice meeting you but bye


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