Lost track of time

Hooked and addicted

When I saw you I knew you were mine

Would you lay with me and forget the world?

You are part of me that I tuned down

Once I knew I could lose you

I lost it and I lost you

I didn’t know what feels true

Wanted to hold you and call you mine

Just let me breath one last time

There is no love without hurting

You are the death of me at 4:45

I could just dive

Dive into the deep water

Stop you from running

Running through my mind

Don’t you get tired?

I closed my eyes and saw yours

Sweet chocolate eyes

I crave you more every day

Wait I can explain…

Don’t go just yet, take my pain

Throw it into the river

Let the water sweep it away further

But instead I’m the one suffocating

Suffocating into the deep water

Now I can listen

I finally noticed the reason

It was 4:45 am when I first knew

Everything has changed and that I grew


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