Illusion Of Time


Lost in time and drifted

What if clocks never existed

What if we are unaware of time

Lost in the deep space of some sort of timeline

Shifting day and night faster than our eyes

Sunset and sunrise


All we know our time is measured in light

We use to think of days

A series of dusk’s and downs

With change from sunrise to sunset

The time in between is a blur

Each person will live their own time zone

Waking up doing what’s important first

When will it day? when will it night?


Do u think everyone will be uncontrollable of their life ?

If we predict light, than it would be understandable right?

Like everyone has no system to follow

No system to even try to follow

No time to worry about

Nothing remind us to look out

Will life be better or worst ?

Everybody is controlled by time

Should we just sit there and see?

In time, you are the youngest you’ll ever be


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