The Escape


Not knowing what others feel,
It may be a mystery.
But if you’re unable to show it,
What else can you call it ?

Keeping all the thoughts inside me
Hiding it beneath my blood stream
And it still passes through me
Spending hours crying only makes It worst , trust me.

I can’t do this
I can’t tell them
I can’t show them how I really feel
What it really feels to be me
I tried and tried
I never stopped
But It’s not working
I can’t change
Weakness taking over
Maybe my ego is getting bigger

Either way I may have screwed up.
At least I admit it
But the scary part is,
I can’t control it.

To the people who I trusty love
You may not know who you are
But I hope you understand,
Family and my lover
I am a disaster ,
But you all are trusty a blessing in my life.

I always try to escape
But I’m tired
I don’t know how long I can take it
Regretting what is there
Regretting my fear
My fear of losing them
My fear of losing them and not show them how I truly feel
My love for them will never be clear
I may end up alone crying
But at least I’m trying

Sometimes I want to disappear
And wish I never have existed.
But that’s the weak, blind, hopeless part of me .
Not noticing the wonderful moments of my life

You know, sometimes you have to think
Think of it this way ,

You have everything in your life
You focus on what is missing
The worst of it



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