The Good And The Bad

Where do I start, you turned my eyes green

When I tried to touch the sky and you followed me

I am in reverse now and I’m not falling deep

Did I chose to stand or to sleep?

but when I touched the stem it turned yellow

How far can this go on, they still follow

· • «» • ·

It’s like a circle it goes round

Either way , we will still be found

The nightmares are shadows

The dreams stay in the clouds

Are we wrong or are we right?

We fall deep in the night

· • «» • ·

There are words left unsaid

My fear comes when I’m in bed

We are still holding our breath

Stuck in this reflective earth

Our body’s are weak but whats underneath it?

· • «» • ·

A very beautiful soul, I bet

High hopes rise

Tears fills our eyes

I believe in the darkest night

We are good but some are bad, that’s right.

 good will win and rise

Love will concur the lies


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