The Misery We Make With A Simple Mistake

Simple dot, it all started with a simple dot

How everything came together with some edits and cut

Uniqueness has been added, can it be handmade?

How something this complicity stayed?


Art and love made peace in life

An escape from reality itself

We should strive to achieve

The power of believe

Different is unique,  although

We are afraid to show


We are different but yet precious

A simple dot was light less

It came together to for a human

How we are made and done

We came together to be one

We are endless if we came as a bond

We distorted our earth with our own blood


We killed us

And now there is no trust, plus

We made hate enter our blood

We made everything seems so hard

It can’t be fully reciprocated


We forgot that we all were made from the same dot

We messed up and we will get caught

We don’t accept it

But the truth is, we never really felt it

Yet we allowed it to be

Poison that spread in me


It’s all based of the person perception

Believe was just an illusion

Time is running and we made no change

What made us be this way, its strange


Love faded and hate rose

War came and doors close

We are still here to blame

Do we have time to claim?


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