I had a wish, just let it be

If life pulls me down would you still hold me?

Shout out to my family and friends

For keeping me safe in their hands

But when life drags you away

It made me realize that day …

I always wanted to make a change

But its hard to beat up that range

In life you see people succeed

But all they do is watch you bleed

Shout-out to my haters who never believed in me

They made me believe in myself and upgraded me

My past is just an old tape, looking back at it

Only made me stronger and I’ll never quit

your past made you who you are today

I would never change a single thing, I love it that way

Ever since I was younger

I wished people would stop hunger

But all they did is point fingers at each other.

only through words, they rap they sing

All they do is wear some bling

They say help each other

But really, no one actually bother

Face reality, they point cameras at wrong angles

People are suffering! where are the angels?

Let hope, faith, love & peace be upon us

Lets live life and wish for the best. plus

Our mother earth would be happy again!

And until then ….


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