A Dream Across The Space

Let me tell you a story about My Moon

His favorite color was maroon

 High up in the sky

He told me, I’ll sing a lullaby

I closed my eyes

And trusted the skies

A dream across the space

I would fly to any place

He was on my mind even in my dreams

Even if there was thousand of shining beams

I wasn’t scared, I flew to the unknown universe

 Missing him along the way that was worse

I dreamt a dream of a shooting star

It was so bright even from far

My eyes saw the beauty of never-ending galaxy

But honestly, he makes me feel like I’m his only beauty

He is my brightest star that I look up to

I never got lost he was my leading clue

Stars light up the space

I miss his handsome face

I saw galaxies in his eyes

That’s when I knew he’s my only prize

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