The Storm Of Never Ending Thoughts


Should we trust our own mind or what ?

Or are we just addicted to thoughts


What if he stares at you every time you look away ?

What if he was the only person that can light up your day?


If you let your thoughts swim it can drive you insane

In the end, you are the one to blame


Can we allow our mind to be quite ?

Can you even sleep with the loud thoughts at night ?


They say believe in your imagination it helps you escape

It expands your mind & lets you see things in a different shape


Fact or fiction?  should we try to believe in it?

They say your thoughts will drawn so eventually it tries to quit


But are we doing the right thing ? do you trust your mind ?

It can drive you crazy and it can make you blind


Decision can be instant but worry is forever

Do you trust your own mind or never ?


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