The Power Of Love

All I wanted was someone to be there for me

who am I? who am I wanting to be

What did I do to scare away my beauty

I’ve been all alone, is that not cruelty ?

All it takes is a caring heart to love a beast

Show me love I don’t mind the least


 She actually loved me looking like this

She paralyzed my body with a simple kiss

Never knew someone would look at me with their eyes

Not just that, she actually made me rise

Her love was so powerful it made me love myself again

I thought she couldn’t care less but then..

She said ” look at yourself in the mirror ”  & I finally saw a man



He was hopeless thinking nobody would ever love him
he hated himself, in his eyes he was a scary beast.
When she came into his life 
everything changed,
she gave him what he was craving
and that was LOVE.
Finally he could look at himself again,
he saw his true self.

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