A change will never hurt a heart

It may please it & never set its love apart

So lets just start


Would you draw her a face?

Just start with the simple base

Follow your imagination & put them in place


Give her the two eyes she’s been dreaming to see

Just draw them in place and let it be

Don’t you want her to see the lights?

But don’t forget she can detect lies..


The first thing he wanted to draw,

was a mouth for her to smile

He really wanted to hear her say the three words,

he’s been dying to hear it for a while


He started with the eyebrows following the trace

He was shaking drawing her face

The ink he used was toxic

But It didn’t stop him, he thought it was a trick


 He really wanted to give her a pretty face

He didn’t want to look at any another place

And lastly,

He went down on his one knee


He drew her mouth and asked her to speak

The toxins was too much for her, she got really weak

He looked at her & saw a tear drop running down her cheek


He lost him self focusing on the beauty he’s dreaming to see

She was in pain, but he never paid attention how could this be?

He forgot about important things which is the toxic

It may kill her and it’s affecting her real quick


His dreams was complied and so was her face

She closed her eyes and went to another place.

He was selfish, but don’t blame him yet

He just wanted a face to please him, so he let


He admitted, he was blur.

Would you love to draw your dream girl?


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