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He was a young boy with a weak heart and shrivel soul

All the unknown of the universe was pressing upon him

He never stopped wearing  a smile on his face

Always trying to cover the sickness he hide

Ignoring the fact that one day he’ll be torn from life.


He had a friend, she was more than he’s universe

He had hidden all of his dreams and hopes

But she was his only rare ray of light

Just by being next to her made him feel alive

He did everything to keep her happy

While the worst thing they will do is fall in love.


A painful thought was flooding his mind

He never told her any of this, nothing.

He could never wish to see her struggle

But she knew,

She could see the reflection of his pain through his crystal eyes

A sad inquiry seemed to dwell in her gaze

The sickness was eating him alive.


Expectation darkened into anxiety

While Leaves fell and fluttered like snow flakes

Till one day, calmness settled on his spirit

God took him away.


Thousand evanescent memories of happy days

Flew through her mind

While tear drops running down her cheeks.

It was a wordless farewell.


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