Wild Night | Her

The rules were simple, we had to keep our feelings inside and never think about the feelings we hide

As I walked in, my eyes drifted and spotted him

I tried not to look but I could never let his eyes go

Everything around me just stopped when he walked and  approached me

I felt nervous and coudnt believe my dreams just became reality

He is the only kind of heaven I want to feel forever

The world was colored when he came to me, he is my happy pill

I couldn’t stop but wonder how perfect is his face structure and the veins in his arms

He touched my face and suddenly I felt like I was in another dimension

I felt alive, when his cold hands touched my skin

I tried to hold the secretes inside and let him be the one for me

I just want to hold him close, but  I will learn to let him go

We came here for nothing but time to kill

It must be just some temporary teenage love

But I fell hard for him, I fell really hard and broke the rules

Turns out my faults were his attraction


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